29th All India Congress of Zoology

Regional Centre ICAR-CIFRI organized awareness program on wetland management for up-liftment of Tribal people in Rewa, M.P.

Regional ICAR-CIFRI, Allahabad conducted awareness camp on 4thApril, 2017 at Kol tribe dominated area in Rewa district of M.P. under TSP. Fisheries activity in the wetland is managed by "Jaagaruk Machhua Sahkaari Samiti Maryadit -KhatakriKhurd" from the villages of KhatkariKhurd, Khatkari Kala, Soharba, Suti,NaiBasti etc. of Rewa district, M.P. ICAR-CIFRI was sensitized rural Kol tribals for livelihood improvement through integrated wetland management in the Loni wetland (129ha), a wetland with plenty of indigenous fishery resources. Dr Basanta Kumar Das, Director ICAR-CIFRI, Barrackpore interacted with the leaders of the tribes and visited the wetlands. He motivated the Kol tribe to make the existing co-operative society in active mode for the enhancement of fish production from the wetland.

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