Title of the Book Authors Year View
Fish and Sellfish diversity and its sustainable management in Chilka lake V.R.Suresh, S.K.Mohanty, R.K.Manna
K.S Bhatta, M.Mukherjee, S.K.Karna, A.P.Sharma, B.K.Das,
A.K.Pattnaik, S.Nanda, S.Lenka
2017 View
Current status of knowledge on HILSA V.R.Suresh, A.M.Sajina,S.Dasgupta,D.De,
D.N.Chattopadhyay,B.K.Behera,Ritesh Ranjan,Vindhya Mohindra,S.Bhattacharya.
2017 View
Improved Productivity of Reservoir Fisheries in India. Dr. Pradcep K. Katiha, Dr. K. K. Vass Dr. A. K. Das & Shri N. P Shrivastavaa 2009 View

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