Riverine Ecology and Fisheries Division

This division stationed at Barrackpore, presently works on the Hooghly-Maltah and Narmada Estuarine systems. biotic and abiotic features of estuarine tributaries and mangroves of Sunderban region are also being studied. Research on biology and migratory behaviour of hilsa is being conducted. It is also undertaking study on genetic characteristics of hilsa from different stretches to know its population structure.

Ongoing Projects

Restoration of rivers and estuaries for ecosystem integrity and conservation of fish stocks

Project Code Title Scientists
REF/ER/12/01/02 Population characteristics of small indigenous fishes (SIFs) in rivers and associated ecosystems in relation to rural livelihood and nutritional security A. Sinha, S.K.Das, A.Roy, S.Roy, Kavita Kumari, Raju Baitha, S.K.Koushlesh, Nirupada Chanu, P.Gogoi and Mitesh H. Ramteke
REF/ER/12/01/03 Assessment of environmental variability, nutrient dynamics, biodiversity, fish stock assessment of selected estuarine and mangrove ecosystems S.K.Das, R.K.Manna, Roshit CM., D.Sudheesan, D.Bhakta, Manas H.M.,S.Roy,W.A.Meetei, T.Nirupada Chanu, S.K.Koushlesh, Vaisakh G., V.L.Ramya and P.Gogoi
REF/ER/12/01/05 Quantification of environmental flows requirement for ecosystem functions in rivers with special focus on fisheries A.K.Sahoo,Roshit CM., S.Das Sarkar, Rohan Kumar Raman,Manas H.M, Kavita Kumari, Simanku Borah, Lianthuamluaia and Shravan K.Sharma
REF/ER/12/01/06 Imapct assessment of multiple habitat alterations on ecosystem functions and fisheries in the river Ganga K.D.Joshi*, R.S.Srivastava, D.N.Jha, M.A.Alam, Vaishak G, J.Kumar, S.C.S.Das and A.K.Yadav

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