Training on "Concept Building in Basic Statistics for Inland Fisheries Data Analysis” at ICAR-CIFRI Regional Centre, Guwahati
Kalna, West Bengal 24th August, 2023
A training programme on “Concept Building in Basic Statistics for Inland Fisheries Data Analysis” was conducted at the ICAR-CIFRI Regional Centre, Guwahati from 22-24 August, 2023 under the guidance of Dr. B. K. Das, Director, ICAR-CIRFI and Dr. S. K. Majhi, Head, ICAR-CIFRI, Guwahati Centre. Total 15 participants attended the training program, consisting of 7 females and 8 males. The attendees included students and scholars from the College of Fisheries (AAU), Raha, Assam (5 participants), Cotton University, Assam (4 participants), teaching associate (1 participant), scholars (2 participants) from Gauhati University, Assam and 3 Young Professionals (YPs) from Guwahati Centre of ICAR-CIFRI and ICAR-CPCRI.

The programme was inaugurated by Dr. S. K. Majhi. He elaborated on the importance of laying a strong foundation in statistical fundamentals and making use of statistical tools. He urged all participants to gain a comprehensive understanding of the subject, enabling them to effectively apply appropriate statistical methods to inland fisheries data. Dr. A. K. Yadav, Senior Scientist and Program Coordinator briefly explained the background and purpose of the training programme. During the 3-day program, a wide range of statistical aspects relevant to inland fisheries were comprehensively addressed. These included the practical applications of statistical tools and the associated software packages in the context of inland fisheries management. The topics covered encompassed the current status and future potential in this domain, the nature and origins of data pertinent to inland fisheries management, techniques for descriptive data analysis, fundamental principles of hypothesis testing and significant parametric testing, exploration of Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) and Experimental Design methodologies, utilization of Chi-square based test of significance, grasping the essence of simple correlation and regression for the analysis of fisheries data, introduction to the R Software along with its fundamental operations applicable to inland fisheries.

In the valedictory session, Dr. S. Borah, Scientist and Coordinator presented a brief report of the training programme. Dr. Majhi congratulated the participants for successful completion of the programme. He persuaded the participants for their feedback regarding training. Most participants gave their feedback with a request to conduct more training programme of longer duration. The programme ended with distribution of certificates and vote of thanks proposed by Dr. Yadav.

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