Capacity Building for enhancing knowledge and skills of fish farmers of Bhagalpur, Bihar
Bhagalpur, Bihar 3oth May, 2023
Bhagalpur is in Bihar on the banks of the Ganga River and is influenced by three major rivers: the Kosi River and its tributaries, the Ganga River, and its tributaries, and the Ghagra River and its tributaries. Despite the district's rich aquatic resources, not enough fish are produced here to meet demand. As part of a skill-development and capacity-building initiative with the aim of doubling the income of fishermen, ICAR-CIFRI, Barrackpore has organized a 7-day training workshop on "Inland Fisheries Management" from May 24-30, 2023. 30 fish farmers from Bhagalpur and one official from the state fishery department attended the training program.

Dr. B.K. Das, Director ICAR-CIFRI inaugurated the training program and emphasized the need of fishers learning about many elements of inland fisheries management to secure a sustainable living. Furthermore, he urged the fishermen to investigate their available resources to maximize outputs and productivity by learning about and employing technology. Dr. Das also informed the trainees about the new entrepreneurship accessible in India's inland fisheries.
The objective of the training program's was to bridge the knowledge, skill, and gaps that existed between farmers and the administration of inland fisheries. The coursework consisted of lectures on variety of subjects, inland fisheries, fish farming including pond construction and management, soil and water chemistry, induced breeding, nursery and rearing pond management, live fish seed transportation, composite fish farming, ornamental fishery, enclosure culture, fish feed management, disease management, economic evaluation, and a general overview of the Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojona, among other topics.

Visits to the ICAR-CIFA Kalyani Fish Farms, East Kolkata Wetlands (EKW), Kalna Progressive Fish Farms, ornamental fish markets, and other locations were organised as part of field trips. In addition to receiving hands-on training on a wide range of topics tailored to specific needs, such as basic water quality parameters, the preparation of fish feed using locally accessible feed ingredients, the identification of fish pathogens and their respective remedial measures, etc., and participants had access to the Institute's Recirculatory Aquaculture System (RAS), Bio-floc units, ornamental hatchery units, and feed mill.
The trainees' confirmations of general pleasure and the scaling up of their knowledge that will be employed in their water resources dominated the feedback session. Dr. S. Samanta, HoD of REF Division ended the program by encouraging the farmers to implement what they had learnt to increase their level of production integration. Ganesh Chandra, Dibakar Bhakta, Canciyal Johnson, and Vikash Kumar coordinated the training program, with assistance from Mr. Sujit Chowdhury, Dr. Avishek Saha, and Mr. Manabendra Roy.

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