ICAR-CIFRI initiated Cage culture of Hilsa and Carp in River Ganga at Farakka
Farakka 25th April, 2023
ICAR-CIFRI for the first time installed three circular cages of 16m dia and 8 m depth each, for rearing of wild hilsa juveniles and Gangetic carps (IMC) in river Ganga at Farakka. The cage was designed by ICAR-CIFRI, looking into the migratiory behavaiour of the hilsa with prime objective of captive hilsa brood stock development. A total of 580 advanced juveniles (avg. BW 143.3±10.3) were stocked. In addition, more than 50,000 IMC fingerlings (avg. BW 24.3±2.6) were stocked in the cages for developing the brooders. These IMC juveniles were hatchery bred brooders collected from the river Ganga, therefore ensuring there is no genetic contamination. Water velocity and other important parameters for the fish both inside and outside of cages were recorded. The stocking programme was witnessed by the officials representing from the Farakka Barrage Authority (FBA), NTPC, Department of Forest, Department of Fisheries, W.B, ICAR-CISH KVK Maldah, Nehuru Yuva Kendra and District project officer of NamamiGange Project. Dr. B.K.Das highlighted the needs of the circular cages for domestication of the hilsa in its natural ecosystem. He said through several attempts have been already made towards domestication of the hilsa, this attempt in circular cages is of unique as water velocity which is a ciritcal factor for the hilsa migration is being maintained. Dr. A.K.Sahoo thanked all the officials of Farakka Barrage Authority (FBA), IWAI and CISF for their involvement in suitable site selection and providing the necessary supports.

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