Workshop on IPR issues in Fisheries Science
Barrackpore, 18th January , 2023
Workshop on “IPR issues in Fisheries Science” was organised on 18 January 2023 by ICAR-Central Inland Fisheries Research, Barrackpore, Kolkata with the objectives of sensitising scientists of this institution towards IP protection in the development and commercialisation of technologies. The workshop was chaired by the Director, ICAR-CIFRI. Ganesh Chandra, In-Charge, ITMU welcomed all the dignitaries and participants and briefed about this workshop. He stressed that IPR provides protection to the intellectual creation of a person and recognises the efforts. It is one tool available to foster innovative practices. Dr. Basanta Kumar Das, Director, ICAR-CIFRI in his inaugural address stressed that our emphasis should be to protect IP of our research output through Patents, Copyrights, design and other means. He emphasised that the most important aspect knowledge of prior art Search, and every scientists and other research workers should know it. He said that honourabale Secretary DARE and DG, ICAR has stressed that each scientists should have atleast one product/technology or patent. He delivered a lecture on “IPR and technologies of ICAR-CIFRI in the workshop. 7 Patents, 4 Industrial Designs and 8 Trademarks has been filed by ICAR-CIFRI in last five years. Institute has commercialised and licensed 7 technologies in inland fisheries sector and six are in pipeline of commercialisation at Agrinnovate India Ltd, the commercial arm of ICAR. Dr. Yashwant Dev Panwar, Head Patent Facilitation Centre, Technology Information Forecasting & Assessment Council, DST, Faridabad in his online address said that protection and management of IPR at research institution is of paramount importance. In last ten years, efforts has been made by government institutions towards management and protection of IPR through registration of patents, copyright, trademark, design, GI and plant variety protection. He emphasised that ICAR guidelines are one of the robust framework for protecting and licensing of IPR. He said that the IPR portfolio of ICAR-CIFRI is excellent. He delivered lecture on IP Management in R & D Institution in India. In this lecture he emphasised on the National IPR Policy. He emphasised that there are many benefits of IPR including legal, economical etc.

Dr. Vikram Singh, IP & TM Unit of ICAR, New Delhi in his address said that ICAR-CIFRI is one of the five institutions having a number consultancy and contract research projects. He said that IPR regime in ICAR was established in early 2000 and at present each ICAR institute have Institute technology management unit looking after the IPR protection at institute level. He delivered a lecture on “IPR Guidelines and Technology Commercialisation process in ICAR”. He said that the first patent related to Agriculture was filed in 1921. He informed that from ICAR institution, the first patent was filed in 1951. He informed about the IPR management technology commercialisation process of ICAR and also about start up. Dr. Sakshi Gupta, registered Patent agent of ZTMC-ABI, ICAR-IARI delivered lecture on Patent drafting and claim writing process. 55 scientists of ICAR-CIFRI headquarter, Barrackpore and regional centres of Guwahati, Bangalore, Prayagraj, Vadodara, Kochi and Kolkata participated in the workshop. Vote of Thanks was proposed by In-charge, ITMU, ICAR-CIFRI.

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