Hindi Week 2021 is being organized at ICAR-Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute

Hindi Week is being organized during 14-20 September 2021 at ICAR-Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute, Barrackpore. Every year it is organized for promoting the official language Hindi in the institute. Under this COVID pandemic situation, the inauguration of Hindi week and other competitions are being organized in online mode on 'Zoom Meet' platform. The inaugural program of the Hindi week was held on 14th September 2021. The personnel from regional centers/stations (Allahabad, Bengalure, Guwahati, Vadodara, Kolkata and Kochi) along with the Institute Headquarters participated in the inauguration ceremony. Dr. (Mrs.) Vijaya Lakshmi Saxena, General Secretary (Elected), Indian Science Congress Association was the Chief Guest of the inaugural function. Dr. Ashok Kumar Saxena, former General Secretary, Indian Science Congress Association was the Guest of Honour. In the welcome address of the inaugural function, Sarbakaryadhikari of Hindi, Dr. S Samanta highlighted the achievements of Hindi works of the Institute. He told about the awards received by the institute like Sardar Patel Best Institute Award from Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Rafi Ahmed Best Scientist Award and Incentive Award to Nilanjali Griha Patrika. He said that Hindi documentaries of the institute have been uploaded on the website of Ministry of Science and Technology, which is a matter of pride for our institute. The Director of the Institute, Dr. B.K. Das, first of all congratulated everyone on Hindi Diwas and said that although there is a lot of diversity in the Hindi related work of the Institute and their number is also increasing, we should make more effort in this direction. He told that if the education system is to be enriched, the mother tongue should be strengthened. Since the number of Hindi speakers in the country is very high, its development and strengthening is very necessary. Hindi should also be promoted for technology expansion among the farmers of our country. The amalgamation of fisheries science and Hindi will act as a guide for the development of farmers. The Chief Guest Dr. (Mrs.) Vijaya Lakshmi Saxena, appreciated the Hindi publications of the Institute. She said that even in this COVID pandemic, CIFRI has increased the work of the institute with its tireless efforts. Social media has a special importance in promoting Hindi and the use of simple Hindi will go a long way in its expansion. She referred to the saying of the great philosopher and social reformer, Keshav Chandra Sen, according to him, only “Hindi is the most spoken language in the country, so it should be the official language of the country”. Dr. Ashok Kumar Saxena, former General Secretary, Indian Science Congress Association first congratulated the Director on receiving the prestigious awards. He also appreciated the Hindi works and publications of the Institute. He threw light on the historical background of the promotion of Hindi language. Co-Director and Registrar of the Institute, Shri Rajiv Lal said that since Hindi week or fortnight or month is celebrated throughout the country in the month of September, the month of September is dedicated to Hindi in a way. Hindi is a rich language in which no silent vowels or consonants are used. There are many countries like Suriname etc where radio and TV channels broadcast Hindi. The role of Hindi has been kept important in our education policy, so we should also be more alert for its propagation.
Apart from these, all the Divisional Heads and the Scientist in-charges of the regional centers laid emphasis on the promotion of Hindi. He said that Hindi is the language of the people and the techniques and technology of our institute can be reached to the fishers through Hindi language. On this occasion, the Hindi Monthly Magazine of the Institute for August 2021 and the book on “Fresh Water and Fish Ecology” were released. In this function, the stage was conducted by Dr. (Mrs.) Suman Kumari, Scientist and Vote of Thanks was presented by Mrs. Sumedha Das, Technical Assistant.




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