CIFRI adopted five new wetlands and demonstrated pen culture in Murshidabad under SCSP in collaboration with KVK, Ramakrishna Mission, Sargachhi.

ICAR-CIFRI adopted five wetlands of Murshidabad under SCSP in collaboration with KVK, Ramakrishna Mission Ashram, Sargachhiunder the leadership of Dr. B. K. Das, Director, ICAR- CIFRI. A mass awareness programme was conducted on 16 th January 2021. More than 150 SC fishers from 5 wetlands participated in the programme and the fishers were made aware on the pen culture concept and the beneficial impact of the same.

Swami Viswamayananda (TusharMaharaj Ji), Secretary, Ramakrishna Mission Ashram, Sargachhi, Murshidabad, advised the fishers to gather knowledge from this demonstration and the knowledge will help them to earn money in the long run. Each wetlands was provided with 2 pens and 2 ton feed and two quintal fish seeds for the pen culture demonstration from ICAR- CIFRI under SCSP.

Dr. B. K. Das, Director, ICAR-CIFRI informed the fishers aboutthe pen culture concept and the steps to be followed and the daily routine management. He also emphasized the importance of in-situ raising of fish seed using pen culture to meet the required size stocking material for the wetland fisheries development. Procurement of the required sizestocking material (100 mm) is the major costof input for the wetland fisheries development. Growing the fish seed in the pen will reduce the cost of investment for the wetland. He also urged the support from the fishers of the wetland for scuccesful demonstration of pen culture and culture based fisheries development in their respective wetlands.

Director, ICAR–CIFRI distributed coracles to the wetland fishers on this occasion. On the same day Director also visited Dumnidahabeel, Murshidabad and released 100 kg fingerlings in the wetlands and 30,000 numbers fish seed each in the two pen installed by CIFRI.

Dr. P. K. Parida, SCSP nodal officer of ICAR-CIFRI explained about the SCSP programme of Govt. of India and also mentioned the detailed support that can be provided from ICAR-CIFRI under SCSP and appreciated the support of Dhyanaganga, KVK, Ramakrishna Mission Ashram, Sargachhifor providing the local support to implement the pen culture demonstration.

Dr. Sujan Biswas, Programme Coordinator,Dhyanaganga KVK, Ramakrishna Mission Ashram, Sargachhiprovided the vote of thanks.

Mr. Kaushik Mandol, Mr. AbhisekSaha, Ms. Ambly, Ms. Shreya Bhattachrya and Mr. Uday, SMS (Fisheries) coordinated the programme.



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