Knowledge up-gradation to women folk of Sundarvans on Ornamental Fish Culture for livelihood improvement

ICAR-CIFRI, Barrackpore has been conducting NFDB sponsored Skill Development Programme for livelihood improvement to women fisher folk of remote islands of Sundarvans during 6-8 Feb, 2020 where 150 women took active part for adopting Ornamental Fish Culture technology. The very downtrodden remote islands of Sundarvans viz., Amtoli and Kachukhali have been identified for extending knowledge support towards developing ornamental fisheries for supporting additional livelihood to these communities. While inaugurating the programme, Dr. B. K. Das, Director, ICAR-CIFRI, Barrackpore imbibed the women community to come forward as to form clusters/WSHGs to develop this ornamental fish culture and trading sector – which is a very potent sector to generate huge employment and additional livelihood to these areas. The avenues involved are making of low cost Aquarium along with other accessories which involved about 70% expenditure in ornamental fish activities, growing of fish seeds upto marketable size, becoming trainers of trainees, local market creation and extending the business beyond Sundarvans through community participation mode would be observed so as to strengthen this sector – Dr. Das reiterated. ICAR-CIFRI has been involved in empowering women folk in Sundarvans on a community basis forming WSHGs targeting creating additional livelihood for the family who are solely depended on agricultural activities including fisheries. Some need-based on-field hands on training were extended involving making and maintenance of aquaria and their accessories, culture practices of ornamental fish species, food and feeding practices of the stocked fishes, hapa culture of ornamental fish species utilizing homestead water bodies, sediment and water quality management, tips for marketing channel development have been addressed during these training periods. The training was coordinated by Dr. A.K. Das, In-charge, Extension & Training Cell, CIFRI along with Team CIFRI and duly documented by Mr. Sujit Chowdhury and Mr. M. Roy under the able guidance of Dr. B.K. Das, Director ICAR-CIFRI. The knowledge gained would be of good help to the ultimate users for developing this sector in a most prudent way.





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