ICAR-CIFRI Stands By the Bulbul affected fishers of Frasergunj, Sundarban on World Fisheries Day

The Bulbul has devastated larger part of Sundarbans including Fresergunj, Bakhkhali and Sagar Island. ICAR-CIFRI stands by Bulbul affected Fresergunj showing solidarity to fishers of this area and taking steps and initiatives to reduce their drudgery by improving canal fisheries and associated ecosystems and impaired homestead ponds. All these water bodies got severely affected due to leaf litters decomposed in these systems rendering such water bodies unsuitable for culture and fisheries with mass mortality of fishes. 34th World Fisheries Day has been observed by ICAR-CIFRI in this Bulbul affected area of Fresergunj fervently. The program is attended by local leaders of Gram Panchayet - Shri Shidam Mandal, Shri Nilkanta Burman, Mrs. Deepshika Das and Head Master of Shibpur Saraswati Primary school, Shri Gouranga Samanta besides Shri Prasenjit Jana, Member, Canal Fisheries Project of CIFRI initiated in village Shibpur of Fresergunj. At the outset, the local Panchayet members and Karmadhyksha elaborated the toil and plight of the people affected by Bulbul lashed here during 8th Nov, 2019 evening to 10th Nov afternoon. The aquaculture and fisheries sector besides other agricultural avenues got severely affected. Dr. B. K. Das, Director, ICAR-CIFRI, in his address consoled the farmers evoking all sorts of possible support to rejuvenate their fisheries and aquaculture resources within the domain and relevant project activities like TSP, SCSP etc. Dr. Das urged the farmers to provide sediment and water samples of their affected ponds and other fishery resources to the visiting CIFRI team to be analysed in situ as to provide need based suggestions for improving the qualities of such ecosystem to support their livelihood. Dr. B. P. Mohanty, Head, FREM Division, Dr. U. K. Sarkar, Head, RWF Division of CIFRI also addressed the gatherings comprising more than 350 farmers to extend all timely support in combating their sufferings especially in fisheries sector of this devastating areas. Dr. Archana Sinha, team leader, Canal Fishery Project and her associates of CIFRI took all survey and surveillance works recording the plight of their aquatic resources. Immediate requirement of liming materials and bleaching powder be served to disinfect the affected areas including eco-health of their aqua resources. ICAR-CIFRI assured the farmers to stand by them in all situations of such nature as has been extending in other parts of Sundarbans like Kachukhali, Hingalgunj, Chotomollakhali, Sagar Island, Kalitola, Amtoli, Baki Island, Pakhiralay and so on. The program was ended with vote of thanks delivered by Dr. A. K. Das, I/C Extension & Training Cell.




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