Livelihood Improvement of tribal fishers of Hingalgunj, Sunndarban through Canal Fisheries Development

ICAR-CIFRI is providing relentless support for the improvement of the livelihoods of rural- tribal community under Tribal Sub Plan in Indian part of Sundarban. In Kalitala, Hingalgunj block, Sundarban, ICAR-CIFRI has initiated a livelihood improvement activity for the tribals through increasing fish production in canals since 2016. CIFRI stocked (a total of 16000 numbers) in the month of October, 2018, advanced fish fingerlings (8.5 to 10.0 cm size) of Indian major carps (Labeo catla, Labeo rohita and Cirrhinus mrigal ) with a stocking ratio of 3:4:3 in two canals (4 & 5 no.) of 8.6 and 3.5 hectare areas respectively with the active participation of the tribal populace. The Institute provided technical support, inputs like fish feed as well as by organising capacity building programme for the beneficiaries of the canals in this village. During 22nd August to 23rd August fish harvesting was conducted in presence of Panchayat Pradhan in the two canals and about 1670 kg of major carp was harvested. The average wt. of the harvested fish was 1.5-2.1 kg .Tribal fishers are motivated and enthusiastic to continue canal fishery in future days.

The development of Canal fisheries in Kalitala was started with an interactive meeting cum awareness during 2018 by Dr. B.K.Das, Director & a team of experts.Further, technical guidances, Institute visit and constant motivation had helped the poor farmers to come out with big size fish production from the canal as earlier the size of harvest was around 500 gm, though social behaviour of poaching is a big problem in the area.

Technical officers from ICAR-CIFRI had a discussion with the beneficiaries in presence of panchyat members. They have enlighted about the scientific management and the maintenance of the canals, importance of maintaining good water quality, fish diseases and their prevention and also utilization of the dyke area for organically vegetable cultivation along with the kitchen garden. It would not only meet household nutritional security but also fetch additional income for the tribal fishers of Sundarban.




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