India has enormous reservoir resources to the tune of 3.5million ha area which forms an important source of fish production in the country. Management interventions for sustainable exploitation of reservoir resources requiredata on status of fish production, species composition, fish diversity etc. However collection of fish catch data from reservoirs is difficultsince these water bodies are innumerable, geographically wide-spread, inaccessible fish landing centres, demanding high manpower and budget requirements. To overcome the data acquisition issues in reservoirs, ICAR-CIFRI has developed an Electronic Data Acquisition System (e-DAS) to capture fish catch data from reservoirs (through SMS from mobile phones) directly into a database in the computer system and successfully demonstrated in selected Peninsular reservoirs.
In this connection, the institute has conducted hands on training programme on “Demonstration of Electronic Data Acquisition System (e-DAS)for fish catch data collection from reservoirs” on 06/12/2017 at Patratu dam, Ramgarh, Jharkhand. The programme was attended by around 25 fishers and State fisheries officials, Dr. Rajani Gupta and Mr. Danjit Kumar, FEOs, Ramgarh district. The e-DAS application was installed in the mobile phones of key fishers identified from four major fishing villages and trained on recording and transmission of species wise fish catch on regular basis through e-DAS. The programme was undertaken under the institutional project entitled “Fisheries resource assessment and refinement of enhancement protocol through participatory mode in selected reservoirs of India”.The scientific team of ICAR-CIFRI comprised of Dr. U.K.Sarkar, Head and PI; Dr. M. Karthikeyan, Dr. Sandhya K.M. and Shri. Mishal,P.,Scientists; Shri. Y.Ali and B. K.Naskar, Technical staffs.


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