Fishers of “Keshapura-Paikasida” sensitized on reclamation and culture based fisheries in the wetland

ICAR-CIFRI has conducted a mass awareness programme in Keshapura village of Jaleswara, Balasore, Odisha for reclamation of the “Keshapura-Paikasida” oxbow lake which was created by meandering of Subarnarekha and for motivating the fishers to adopt culture based fisheries for their livelihoods improvement under the leadership of Dr. Basanta Kumar Das, Director, ICAR- CIFRI. More than 500 families are involved in fisheries activity in Keshpura and Paikasida village of Jaleswa. The Oxbow lake has a total area of 144 acres and is chocked by aquatic weeds. Forty years back the lake served as a backbone of livelihood to the entire villagers who happens to belong to SC Community. Presently, most of the fishers in the village have the primary occupation in fishing. The Institute sensitize and mobilize these fishers to realize the freshwater lake for fishery enhancement by community participation involving Line Deptt. Of Fisheries, Govt. of Odisha through PFCF. Around 300 villagers attended the mass awareness programme at Keshapura village. The villagers interacted with Director, ICAR-CIFRI and prepared a road map for the fisheries development in the wetland. Dr. Das has informed the villagers that, ICAR-CIFRI has worked on wetland management in many states (West Bengal, Assam, UP and Bihar). Dr. Das has also emphasized about the in situ rearing of fish seed in the pen system in the wetland by which the cost of fish seed can be reduced. He sensitized the fishers on the community based approach of fisheries development in the wetland. Mr Dixit, Co- operative inspector, Balasore, Department of Fisheries, Govt. of Odisha was also present in the meeting and emphasized on whole hearted support of the community for the development of the wetland. Village and oxbow lake transects were carried out in a participatory mode followed by a group sensitization involving all classes of fishers along with women who will take the lead for weed clearance. The Mass awareness programme was coordinated by Dr. P. K. Parida, Nodal Officer, SCSP. The local arrangements were made by Mr. Atul Das, President, P. C. Nayak, Secretary “Trinath PFCS” of “Keshapura-Paikasida” wetland.




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