NFDB Sponsored Skilled Development Training Programme on “Enclosure Culture for Doubling Fishers’ Income” at ICAR-CIFRI,Vadodara

Regional research centre of ICAR-Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute (RRC of ICAR-CIFRI) organized a three-day skill development programme sponsored by the National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB), Hyderabad on “Enclosure culture for doubling Fishers’ income” during 28 February to 2 March 2019 at A.P.M.C hall, Vadodara. The skill development programme was designed for delivery of recent technologies in enclosure culture like cage and pen for enhancing fish production from Inland open waters. The programme was participated by fifty numbers of farmers from different districts of the state Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. During the inauguration ceremony of the programme, Dr. S.P. Kamble, Scientist-In-Charge of RRC of ICAR-CIFRI in his welcome address raised the issue of fish production in the country and the importance of cage culture for utilising the untapped potential of the reservoir for increasing fish production and also doubling the fishers’ income. Dr. C.K. Mishra, Senior Scientist, ICAR-CIFA, Anand graced the occasion as the Chief Guest of the inaugural function and praised ICAR-CIFRI for selecting a topic which is the need of the hour. Mr. H.V. Mehta, Superintendent of Fisheries, Rajpipla apprised the audience about Government scheme and subsidies available for cage culturist in Gujarat. Dr. Dibakar Bhakta, Scientist RRC of ICAR-CIFRI, Vadodara highlighted the potential inland fishery resources of the state of Gujarat in the form of medium and large reservoir (2.55 lakh ha), rivers and canals (3865 km) and estuaries (0.21 lakh ha) and importance of enclosure culture to enhance the fish production and productivity of those resources. He further emphasis on the in-situ raising of stocking materials through the cage and pen culture for enhancement of inland water production of the state in a sustainable manner. Mr. W.A. Meetei, Scientist RRC of ICAR-CIFRI, Vadodara proposed a vote of thanks.

The training programme continued for three days with lectures and field visit to cage culture sites at Karjan reservoir. Mr. W. A. Meetei, Vaishak G., Dibakar Bhakta and S. P. Kamble provided a session-wise lecture on various aspects like cage culture and pen culture in Inland open waters, feeding management of different fin and shellfish species and environmental and fish health management in enclosure cultures (cage/pen). During the three-day training programme, trainees actively interacted with the scientists and requested more numbers of such training to be organised in future to enable them to acquire more recent knowledge in the field of inland open waters fisheries. The training programme was ended with distribution of successful completion of training certificate followed by a vote of thanks by Mr. Vaishak G., Scientist RRC of ICAR-CIFRI, Vadodara. The supports, suggestions, encouragement rendered by the Dr. B. K. Das, Course Director and Director, ICAR-CIFRI, Barrackpore dully acknowledged, special thanks to sponsoring agency NFDB, Hyderabad with the all resource persons, delegates and to the attended active fishers’.


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