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Promotion of Inland Fisheries Science

>The Society offers opportunities for infusing new interest in fisheries research by organizing scientific meeting, symposia, seminars, workshops and lectures. The Society awards Fellowship (FIFSI) to eminent workers in recognition of their significant contribution for development of fisheries in the country. It was initiated in 1994 and the society has so far awarded Fellowships to 84 renowned fishery scientists of the country.




Prior to present National Seminar on "Management challenges in fisheries of rivers and associated ecosystems-issues and strategies" (Apr. 16-17, 2005) the society has previously organized following National Seminars on different theme areas of inland Fisheries from time to time. The Proceedings of all the seminars have been published and released :

Seminar/Symposium Year   
On Silver Jubilee Occassion, "Aquaculture as an Industry"
(Collaboration with CIFRI)
Inland Aquaculture
(Collaboration with CIFRI)
Fishery (Inland) as an Economic Programme for IRD
(Collaboration with CIFRI)
Management of fisheries in inland open water system of India
(Collaboration with CIFRI)
Challenging frontiers of inland fisheries
(Collaboration with CIFRI)
Changing Perspectives of inland fisheries
(Collaboration with CIFRI)
Eco-friendly management of resources for doubling fish production-strategies for 21st century
(Collaboration with CIFRI)
Fisheries enhancements in inland waters-challenges ahead
(Collaboration with CIFRI)
Management challenges in fisheries of rivers and associated ecosystems issues and strategies
(Collaboration with CIFRI)
Water Management in Fisheries and Aquaculture
(Collaboration with CIFRI, CIFA & IFSI)
National Symposium on ‘Ecosystem Health and Fish for Tomorrow ’ 2006
8th Indian Fisheries Forum 2008
Workshop on “Small Indigenous Freshwater Fish species : their role in poverty alleviation food security and conservation of Biodiversity ” 2010
Seminar on “Health and fisheries of the major river eco-systems of India with emphasis on river Ganga jointly organised by IFSI, CIFRI, Barrackpore and AEHMS (Aquatic Ecosystem Health & Management Society, Canada) during  5-6 January 2013 2013
Congress on “Public-Private Partnership in aquaculture and culture based fisheries” jointly by IFSI, CFRI, Barrackpore and PAF (Pillay Aquaculture Foundation) 2013
National Conference on “Mitigation and adaptation strategies in wetlands : A community leadership perspective” jointly by IFSI, CIFRI, Barrackpore and SAFE (South Asian Forum for environment) 2014

Publication of Journal

The Society regularly brings out a Journal named "Journal of the Inland Fisheries Society of India". The 1st Volume was published in December, 1969. Since then the journal has also changed in get-up and frequency from annual to bi-annual and has made a place among fishery journals in the country. The Society publishes original research works, monographs, invited review articles and books on specialized subjects for exchange and dissemination of information in the country and abroad. So far the Society has released journals and special publications from time to time since 1969. All these publications have been in great demand among the fishery fraternity.

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